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by Barry Eames

How's that for network control? Too much? Well, how about this then.

You're the giant retail chain 7-11 with thousands of outlets countrywide. Your ability to store and deliver fresh and frozen food is crucial to success. So, what happens if your freezers and refrigeration units stop working when nobody's around to notice? Exactly. Slush City.

When Chris Devlin, of Computer Associates, spoke at LANDA's November dinner meeting, he assured us that this real case scenario actually had a much happier ending. Compressor failure in 7-11's freezers was detected immediately by CA's Unicenter TNG technology.

Electricians and plumbers were dispatched long before any appreciable loss or damage had a chance to happen. Millions of dollars of profit were saved and Executives and Store Managers didn't miss a wink of sleep.

Thanks to CA's ability to offer, 'end to end enterprise management', you can manage just about anything - even a Formula One racing car. Team MacLaren for example.

MacLaren uses TNG technology to monitor automobile performance. Not some wimpy diagnostic in a pit stop you understand, but during the actual race...on the track. Moving at 200 mph! Things like tire pressure, engine temperature, brake pads, and even G-force are monitored under real time conditions.

In a sport where, 'he who has the best technology wins', this is a definite advantage that MacLaren is happy to have.

Mr. Devlin 're-introduced CA' to Landa members and reminded them that CA is the third largest software company in the world (next to you-know-who, and you-know-who) with revenues of $4.5 billion. About 50% of that comes from the mainframe world, but CA is aggressively aiming to grow the services business and capture 50% of the North American and Channel market by 2001.

How do they plan to do that? They differentiate themselves by making it dead easy for users to manage networks, of all kinds, and across all platforms, with a common infrastructure, interface and functionality. Unicenter TNG is the magic that enables this simple integration and implementation solution.

CA understands that 'managing the Network is managing the business' and they offer three solutions for any organization wanting to take full control of their network resources. Designed for any corporate comfort level, Unicenter TNG, Enterprise, and Workgroup editions are all built on CA's TNG Framework, which is included, free with all CA products, and delivers all of the common services and cross-platform support.

The latest version of Framework includes agents for over 40 operating systems and lets you manage all IT resources at anytime, from anywhere using any Java-based Web browser. CA's 'set and forget' policy management system gives the kind of ease and reliability that makes believers out of skeptics (bought a soggy 7-11 Slurpee lately?).

Computer Associates International has recently expanded its Global Channel Organization and VARsity Club Partner Program. Designed specifically for their business partners, distributors, resellers, VAR's, OEM's and SI's, this new program offers increased support in critical areas such as marketing, training and product technical support. VARsity's five-tier program promises to deliver every partner with an appropriate level of support focusing on their success.

Learn more about TNG Technology and the VARsity Club program at CA's web site:
Or, call Chris Devlin at (905) 676-6700.